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Our Products

ORIG IT Solution is mainly focused on product development. we provide application on mobile, Desktop and web space.


  • ✔ Product in e-learning space ( virtual classroom application in windows/Mac and in web )
  • ✔ User gets Awesome experience of attending a live class.
  • ✔ The course topics can be plugged with the classroom platform.
  • ✔ Platform and courses can be marketed separately.
  • ✔ Platform is universal to plug in any courses as per convenient.
  • ✔ User can raise questions in between the sessions.
  • ✔ The trainer is completely build in AI.

Interactive e-Learning Platform

Highly Customizable, it Deliver Powerful Training with the Best eLearning.

Pluggable Course Content

Create your own courses and implement blended learning content.

Personalized Learning

Create interactive user guides reducing user support costs.

Flexible Course Timing

User can learn courses on their flexible time.

Bloodz App

We are focused in mobile development with Multi-Platforms such as Windows, Android and IOS.

Mobile app development is a rapidly developing and growing industry. we've come to the right source. We are developing mobile apps on both native and hybrid platforms. our mobile app are working on the top of Cloud Engineering, Server Communication and also with API's Communication. We envision, design and engineer powerful mobile applications. We bring the best out of devices across multi-platforms.

Our "Life Share" social app helps people to communicate donors and blood banks directly. It’s not just a app but emergency destination where we can save people's life. When you wish to donate or require blood, this is a place to initiative and to urge people to show their humanity, wherein people can donate blood when they, or their loved ones, need it the most. This app can be life saver - " Excuses never save life's, but Blood Donation does ".

  • ✔ Easy to request for blood directly with donors.
  • ✔ One click locate to get all donors nearby you.
  • ✔ Easy to get details of blood banks.